Johnathon (Welsey) Hills

Wesley Hills is a closet Homosexual and one of the many hosts of the Buddhism hotline, his best selling book Buddha fuck me Buddha fuck you is now only $39.99

Biography Edit

Captain Faggot Hills was "born with no parents", although this is likely a coverup for the fact that his parents sold him to Mexican pedos for drug money. He was raped by his Buddhism pastor, who inspired him to start up the Buddhism Hotline. He later began abusing, kidnapping and enslaving his co-hosts, until everyone got sick of his shit and Kent Kennedy, Mathis Miles and Gregory Pecks all conspired in his well-deserved death. Since Gregory was the one to kill Captain Faggot, it is only fair that he is granted the title of Gregory "Fag Smoker" Pecks.

Behind the scenes Edit

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